Patio Bi-Fold Doors

Why you need bi-fold doors this summer

In summer, we tend to spend more time outside, entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. Bi-fold doors gives you the flexibility to enhance your summertime fun, whilst cooling down even the most sauna-like homes —and the benefits don’t end there!

What are bi-fold doors?

Made up of a number of durable aluminium-framed panels, bi-fold doors glide along a track to provide an uninterrupted view of your entertaining area or yard. The panels are hinged together, allowing for them to be easily opened and closed on either side of the track.

By installing bi-fold doors, you’re getting so much more than a secure, stylish entry and exit to your home.

Here are just some of the positive ways bi-fold doors will enhance your lifestyle:

Save money on your power bills with bi-fold doors

It feels like we always have the air conditioner on for either cooling us down in summer or warming us up in winter. With the double glazing in bi-fold doors (and windows), you can keep your home the perfect temperature all year round—saving you money on your power bills.

Leave your bi-fold doors open to allow the cool breeze to drift through, or keep them closed to let natural light in while insulating your home.

Expand your entertaining and living area with bi-fold doors

When open, bi-fold doors provide uninterrupted views of your outdoor space. Not only does this create a picturesque setting, you can enjoy a more seamless entertaining space that looks and feels much larger than it really is.

The smooth gliding tracks make folding back the doors easy. This allows for simple access to and from your yard or entertaining area, while still being highly secure when locked.

Add value to your home with bi-fold doors

Something about the warmer months inspires people to buy homes.

Installing bi-fold doors prior to listing your property may help increase its value, as well as attract people to your bright, spacious-looking home.

The original investment is well worth the return you’ll receive.

For expert advice on the design and installation of your new bi-fold doors or windows, don’t hesitate to contact Southern Cross Glass Doors and Windows on the Gold Coast.

We have a large range of frame colours and glass tints available.

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Louvre Windows

Slash Your Power Bills with Aluminium Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows

It seems like every year our power bills go up. Apart from turning off lights and appliances not in use and buying energy efficient white goods, a simple way to help reduce your power bills is to install aluminium louvre windows.

How you ask? We’re here to tell you exactly that, plus a range of other benefits you can expect from top-quality aluminium windows, like those from Southern Cross Glass Windows & Doors.

What are aluminium louvre windows?

The best thing about louvres is that they can be attached to almost any existing window or door. With a high-strength frame and easy-to-manoeuvre blades, louvres provide weatherproofing, allowing you to control sunlight, rain and wind. Southern Cross Windows can supply louvres in either glass or wood, we also offer the louver inserts in glass or aluminium and even a fancy timber-look solution.

Control the temperature of your room with louvre windows

Warm sun on a chilly morning. A cool breeze on a hot day. With louvre windows, you can have both of these things. Thanks to being able to control the pitch of your louvre blades, you can keep out sun, rain or breeze (or let it in) without closing your louvers completely.

By adjusting the louvres to the right position, you can help control the temperature in any room, eliminating the need for costly air conditioners. During winter, you can keep the blades closed for added insulation.

Aluminium louvre windows are easy to clean

The slanted blades aren’t just useful for temperature control. Unlike when you clean normal shutters or windows, you don’t need to go outside. Simply clean one side of the louvres then easily pitch your blades in the other direction to clean the other side. It’s as hassle-free as that.

Add privacy to any room without losing ventilation

Normally you need to open a window to allow airflow into your home, which unless you keep your curtains or blinds drawn, lets prying outside eyes see in. By installing louvres, you can have fresh air and privacy. Slanting your blades allows you to adjust your privacy levels at any time.

Interested in having aluminium louvre windows installed in your home? Call Southern Cross Windows now for a free quote. All louvres can be powder coated, come with a 7–year warranty and are tested to Australian standards for superior quality assurance.

For expert advice on the design and installation of your new aluminium louvre windows, don’t hesitate to contact Southern Cross Windows on the Gold Coast.

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what are bifold windows

What is a Bi-Fold Window?

what are bifold windows

Bifold Windows

Bi-fold windows provide the wonderful function of connecting your interior spaces with your exterior spaces. This combination not only allows for a free-flowing entertainment space, it also provides unobstructed views. This allows your entire space to become one large area.


Bi-fold windows are functional and stylish. They consist of a number of hinged framed window panels that fold into each other simply and elegantly, to open up any space.

Why Bi-Fold?

Bi-fold windows have the ability to transform your house. They provide a clear and unobstructed view, but they also ensure good ventilation and natural light. The lack of obstructive beams, columns, or panels, ensures that the connection between the interior and exterior is seamless.

But the seamlessness doesn’t end there. Their smooth and simple-to-operate sliding system comes with a clean exterior finish that complements and suits the design of almost any home.


Not all windows are created equally, or for the same purpose. The functionality of the bi-fold window means that they connect your interior spaces with your exterior spaces. It also means that they can connect the spaces inside your house. For instance, a bi-fold window is perfectly designed to bring together your kitchen and your dining area.

This created space could be used as a breakfast or afternoon tea counter or as a functional space to prepare a snack. This same function can be used to serve food from the kitchen to the living area or your outdoor entertainment area.


With superior security and precisely hinged frames, bi-fold windows block out noise perfectly. At the same time, they provide unobstructed views so that you can look out to the pool or garden and watch the kids play while enjoying the calmness of your interior living areas.

The discrete and unobtrusive design means that any opening can be turned into a relaxing window seat to overlook your spectacular Gold Coast ocean views.


Aluminium bi-fold windows are powder-coated, which means they have a high durability. Because of this, they don’t require huge amounts of upkeep and are easy to clean. Bi-fold windows are available in a wide range of colours and designs, meaning you can style your home however you want.

Bi-fold windows are the perfect addition to your home. They can transform any room or living area into a multi-functional, free-flowing space that you won’t know how you lived without. For an obligation-free quote on your windows, contact Southern Cross Windows today.

bifold doors

Are all Bifold Doors Created Equal?

The short answer is NO. With Bi fold doors becoming popular in home renovations, people need to be aware that not all bi fold doors are created equal. A rule of thumb I always tell people is “You get what you pay for and generally speaking if you don’t pay for it now you will eventually pay for it later, plus more”. There are companies that use thinner frames, cheap components and the product is generally inferior, all so they can sell it to the consumer at rock bottom prices. Yes you will get a bi fold door, but will it work in 6 to 12 months – who knows. Another point is who will repair the door if you have any issues? As a consumer you need to do your research.

Questions you should ask any supplier are:

  1. Where is the product manufactured?
  2. What warranty comes with the product?
  3. Why should we use you?
  4. If any issues with the product, who can help fix it?
  5. Is it a complete product? (Include all components and locks etc.)
bifold doors

Bifold Doors

On top of this we recommend people GOOGLE reviews on the different companies to gain a greater insight to the organizations track record of delivering a quality product and being able to service your new bi fold door. When you are looking to invest in bi fold doors, please just don’t go on the price otherwise it could come back to bite you.

Southern Cross Windows answer to the above is simple, I encourage people to come down to our factory / showroom on the Gold Coast and see our bi fold doors first hand to appreciate the superior quality and understand the value behind the price tag. All our bi fold doors are custom made here at Currumbin on the Gold Coast. We have a team of bi fold door specialists who manufacture and service our bi fold doors to meet all Australian standards and ensure superior quality and workmanship.

I love bifold doors and think they are fantastic to create the ideal transition from the inside living areas to your outdoor entertainment area on the Gold Coast. That is why we utilize a heavier duty bi fold door system with stainless steel components, the door is built to last and our bi fold doors can transform almost any space into a luxury indoor-outdoor experience. For more information regarding our bi fold doors please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

hire a professional

Why Hire Professionals to Install Your Bi-Fold Doors

hire a professional

Bi-fold door installation is precise work and it requires professional experience to get it right. The presence of moving parts and other specific requirements means that installation can be quite tricky.

While the DIY process can be rewarding, it doesn’t suit every task. You’ll be using your bi-fold doors every day and they will affect the overall look of your room, so it’s important to get the installation right.

Fortunately, most reputable door companies like Southern Cross Windows, include installation in the cost of your door. This means the process will be professional, easy, and affordable.

Here are just a few reasons why you should avoid DIY door installations.

Right Tools

Like with any installation process, bi-fold door installation requires an array of tools. If you’re attempting DIY bi-fold door installation, you’ll need to own all the required tools.

Not only are these tools expensive, but there’s a good chance that you won’t use any of them again. Instead of making an expensive, one-off investment, hire the professionals and get the job done for less.

The Frame

One of the most common problems with door installation is that the existing doorframe is not properly square. This usually results in poorly-fitted doors, which leads to inadequate installation and insufficient clearance. This causes scraping against the floor or tracks as your doors move, resulting in a harmful, noisy installation.

A professional installer is able to re-fit the doorframe or even trim the door. This will solve all these problems and save you a headache down the track.


The door hinges of bi-fold doors need to be precisely positioned so the doors are parallel. If this is not done properly, the doors will not fold together. Moreover, if the hinges are not properly recessed, the doors won’t fit properly into the opening.

The Tracks

The upper track of your door must be parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the sides of the opening. This is another precise action that, if miscalculated, will result in the failure of the doors. In addition to this, hardware materials such as pivot plates need to be positioned on the upper track and floor brackets. These processes are not easily followed in a DIY manual.

Peace of Mind

With a reputable renovation specialist like Southern Cross Windows, you can count on professional craftsmanship every time. Southern Cross Windows not only sells and installs the products, we manufacture them too. When it comes to all things doors, we are well known for our personalised service and high-quality installations.

The intricacy involved in installing bi-fold doors means that using professional installers is really the only option. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the open-air provided by your new bi-fold doors. Get an obligation-free quote on the manufacturing, supply, and installation of your doors. Contact Southern Cross Windows today. We are your experts on the Gold Coast.

woman coloring an aluminum window with paint brush

Colouring Aluminium Windows and Doors

Colouring Aluminium Windows and Doors

Colouring Aluminium Windows and Doors

You might be looking to invest in new doors and windows for your home, but perhaps you’re unsure of which material to go with. Aluminium, as you have probably already gleaned, is an incredibly durable and versatile material that can withstand even the toughest Gold Coast weather. It is low maintenance and easy to manipulate into a range of designs. Did you also know that you can get aluminium doors and windows in a variety of colours through the process of powder coating?

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is very similar to painting in that it allows you to choose your colour for a clean, bright finish. The process involves preparing the aluminium surface, applying the paint electronically, and then placing it in the oven to bake and finish. Like porcelain, you will find a hard, durable finish that is applied evenly and even offers an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Other Colouring Options

Another means of colouring aluminium that is a bit less popular is called aluminium anodising. This involves an electrochemical process whereby the coating is actually added to the material. The end result is a thicker layer over the metal, a more durable surface and corrosion-resistant aluminium.

You’ve Got The Colour, Now What About the Style?

One of the best things about using aluminium to frame your windows and doors is its incredible versatility in style. You can completely change the look and feel of many rooms in your house through the strategic use of windows and doors. Aluminium windows and doors come in a range of shapes and styles that can be cut to your exact specifications. Combine that ability with whatever colour you choose and you have a match made in heaven!

Try going white for a clean, modern look with floor-to-ceiling bi-fold doors that will give you incredible unobstructed access in and out of the house when opened fully. Or add a touch of sophistication with large sliding doors, outlined in sleek black aluminium. Give your home traditional and controlled light and airflow with soft off-white awning windows.

Don’t underestimate the power and appeal of a splash of colour. A bit of bright blue or turquoise along your sliding window frames will really draw the eye to the shape of the window and what lies beyond. If you are thinking of playing around with an interesting fixed light window, try outlining it with a dark blue or black to make the look seem even more dramatic.

With aluminium windows and doors, the options are endless. If you have a vision, you can rest assured that you can see it through by using this versatile material to your liking.

With powder coating, there is no end to the custom options you can design so that your aluminium windows and doors match your home’s décor. Contact an expert at Southern Cross Windows on the Gold Coast to learn more.

White bi fold windows over a sink in a modular kitchen

How to make your kitchen look bigger

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the fun of current design trends or entertaining. There are many ways to update your kitchen and get it ready for summer entertaining without having to extend. With our simple renovation and stylish tips, you can flawlessly fake a larger kitchen to create the illusion of space when you don’t have the luxury of adding that real extra footage.

Let There Be Light

The first tip to creating the illusion of a larger room is to flood the space with light. Whether your kitchen is painted in pale or darker shades, having light beaming in will help it to feel as large as possible. To allow it as much light as possible from the sun, keep window treatments or dressing minimal or non-existent. Painting cabinets the same colour as the walls can also help to erase visual boundaries and ensures that the kitchen does not look overcrowded. Paint them white for best results, as the combination of this single hue and the natural light will make the room feel even larger.

kitchen windows

Open Up with Bi-Fold Windows

Function and attractive, bi-fold windows provide the best of both worlds for your home. Bi-fold windows can create a moving glass walls that literally opens up your home to the outside world. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air, natural light and beautiful views with no barriers in sight. Bi-fold windows are easy to open, even easier to clean and provide superior security for the home.

Double Up with Bi-fold Doors

Instantly increase the space of your kitchen by using bi-fold doors along an exterior wall. As with bi-fold windows windows, these will combine the indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces to create an expansive kitchen space, rather than 2 individual spaces. Not only do bi-fold doors add an abundance of natural light to the space, they create a great social, spacious entertainment area for the host or chef to enjoy those summer barbecues and Christmas gatherings while preparing food in the kitchen.

Smarter Storage

In order to make your kitchen appear larger, you need to include plenty of vertical storage space. This will allow things to be removed from the counters and stored out of sight to prevent the kitchen appearing visually cluttered and small. Increase available shelf space, overall kitchen space and add depth by building cabinets or shelving into the wall between studs. You can even enhance the perception of depth by painting the carved space a deeper shade of the wall.

If carving into the wall isn’t an option, replace existing cabinets with taller versions that reach the ceiling. This will subtly draw the eye upwards and make the overall room appear more spacious. You can also incorporate open or glass shelving into furnishings, which further reduce visual weight and lend to the illusion of a more expansive kitchen.

Get In Touch

Need more ideas or advice on how to create a bigger kitchen without a full renovation? Contact us today.

Open bi-fold doors opening into large living room with dining area

How to create an indoor/outdoor living space/alfresco

alfresco living

Australians love alfresco dining and with its idyllic climate, there’s no better place for it than in Queensland. Creating the perfect indoor/outdoor living and Entertainment space in the comfort of your own home can be easily achieved through some simple renovations. Sliding, stacker, hinged and bifold doors provide scope for design projects that create a seamless transition from your homes interior through to the outdoors, opening up your existing space to become the ultimate alfresco area for dining and relaxing all year round.

Here are our top tips on how to create a seamless indoor/outdoor living area, along with helpful design examples for great looking alfresco spaces that blend in with your existing indoor living rooms.


Pergolas create the feel of an outdoor room, blending all the fresh air and heat or cool breezes of the outdoors with stylish and comfortable furniture. Pergolas are an easy way to create an indoor/outdoor flow in your house, with its framework simply built as an extension to your home. Pergolas can either stand alone as a signature feature, or connect your indoor entertainment area with your outdoor space. Pergolas are popular for providing a shady spot for summer dining and have the potential to add great value to your home.

Bi-fold Doors

One of the most popular and striking methods of linking indoor and outdoor entertaining areas is to install bi-fold doors. These days, bi-fold doors are smooth and effortless operating systems that provide a stylish, reliable and functional statement for your home. Bi-fold doors with large windows frame the view of your outdoor surroundings and let in beautiful natural light when closed. They provide the flexibility to transform the flow of your entire house. Aluminium bi-fold doors can be specifically coated to integrate with timber decking outdoors or your home’s interior.

Stacker Doors

Similar to bi-fold doors, stacker doors are a great way to create an easy extension from your indoor kitchen or living space to an outdoor entertainment area. Stacker doors also provide maximum daylight with minimal vertical distraction. With stacker doors, you can either open just one portion of the glass door for day-to-day access, or all portions, to create a seamless flow from the inside, out.

Bi-fold Windows

Create a moving glass wall and open the interior of your home to the outdoors with aluminium bi-fold windows. Both functional and attractive, bi-fold windows provide unobstructed views of your surroundings, as well as natural light and ventilation. Their innovative design makes them a unique and ideal feature for use as a counter window from your kitchen to your outdoor entertaining and dining areas. Aluminium bi-fold windows can also be coated in a range of colours to perfectly suit the look of your home.

Expert Design Advice

Need help deciding on the right way to create an indoor/outdoor space in your home? Speak to an expert at Southern Cross Windows today for more design advice.

open bi-fold windows

Selecting Windows and Doors for your Home Renovation

3 Simple Solutions To Help You Decide on the right Window or Door for your Home!

It can be so frustrating and time consuming!

You know when you think you know what is right for your home renovation but then you see something spectacular and YOU JUST WANT IT!!

So what should you do when that happens?

You need to see what’s going to work for your home as windows and doors are a key part of a home’s character and atmosphere – they provide views, daylight, ventilation and a sense of spaciousness.

There are a range of factors to consider when choosing the right windows and doors…

1 – Function

Windows and doors by definition are expected to provide uninterrupted views and control airflow, whilst operating effortlessly. You need to ensure the window suits the area so for example you wouldn’t put a bifold in a toilet. But being on the Gold Coast and you love to entertain a bifold window would be great addition to your kitchen. A lot of homes now have the bifold window with no bottom sill if the kitchen bench top runs from the inside to the outside and you don’t want a break in the stone top (as seen below).

Bi-fold Window Design

2 – Design

You may have your heart set on a certain product mainly because you see them on TV or at a prize home. Now this is fantastic but these homes have been built to have this design incorporated and the structure is designed to suit the free flowing bifold doors onto a deck etc. Now if you are doing a full renovation to your home to have this than fantastic and we can offer free advise and the best time to have your new bifold doors installed so there minimal disruption to your renovation.

Our Last tip….

bifold doors

3 – Affordable Quality and Value

Windows and doors are expected to perform at peak levels for an extended period of time. Selection based solely on cost may be regretted over time. Consider factors such as maintenance and resale value. Your aim should be to get the quality you want and the options you desire, at a price you can afford.

We use Stainless steel components and heavy duty rollers and hardware on all doors giving our customers peace of mind that our doors are here to stay.

We work with you on your selection so you don’t have an off the shelf product; it’s precision cut to be 100% accurate each and every time and we have specifically trained a bifold door specialist to ensure your product is correct to meet your requirements.

If you are still interested in a bifold door or window or any other glass window or door for your home renovation contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you