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Creative Ways to Use Bi Fold Doors In The Home

Unless you have been through the process of renovating a house before, you probably haven’t put much thought into the windows and doors that you currently have. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that doors and windows are just a standard, boring part of home interior, because here at Southern Cross Windows we firmly believe […]

Beautiful Beachside Bi Fold Doors

If you are one of many people along any of our coasts who get to live right by the beach, then there is no arguing that you should be designing and improving your home to maximise the beautiful scenery and landscape that is right on your doorstep! When you live so close to the ocean, […]

Tips for Renovators

Window and door replacement is a big part of a renovation job. As with anything, doors and windows do tend to wear out and quit being as secure as you’d like and don’t do quite as good of a job keep the cold or hot air outside where it belongs. At Southern Cross Windows and […]

Security For Aluminium Windows And Doors

Perhaps you’re considering aluminium windows and doors for your Gold Coast property? You’ll find plenty of useful information on our website. If you have them already installed, congratulations! These are doors and windows designed to last you for many years to come. But you do need to make sure these windows and doors are properly secured.  […]

How to Update Your Home with Modern Windows

Although they often go unnoticed, windows and doors are vital parts of all buildings. Whether the family home or the office block, they are quite complicated interfaces between the inside and outside worlds. Just because they have been in place for decades doesn’t mean they should be taken for granted. Whether you are staying put […]

Different Window Options For Your Home

If you are in the process of building a new home, remodelling your current property or looking to replace your old windows we can help. You may not be aware of the vast range of different window options now available from Southern Cross Windows for both residential and commercial properties. For homeowners looking for windows […]

Benefits Of Our Different Doors

There are a lot of different types of doors and styles now available on the market, and selecting the right one for you and your home can be challenging. The first thing to do is to take a look at the different types on offer, such as bi-fold doors, sliding doors, stacker doors and hinged […]