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Hinged Doors Gold Coast

With flexibility in design and opening arrangements the entry door frame offers you control over the final presentation of your entrance way. You can also choose from a variety of styles of hinged aluminium doors to suit the entry door frame.

Using side lights, high lights and an aluminium glass door with an entry door frame, your entrance way will become a feature of your home.

Comprising of full locking options for security & safety along with full joint sealing for maximum weather protection.

180 degree leaf opening to maximise access depending on construction type. You have the option of single or double leaf.

Available in assorted modern powder coat colours, stylish yet functional hinge doors will enhance any home.

Why choose hinged doors?


Hinged doors are one of the most versatile choices you can make for your home on the Gold Coast. There is a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing your style. There is an array of colours to suit the existing look of the room or revamp it completely. With a range of window options and a choice between single or double leaf, this is a brilliant option for those wanting to embrace natural light and views of the outdoors. Choose between in-swing or out-swing doors to maximise your space.


Our installation is guaranteed to ensure maximum safety for your door, using premium materials that will not wear after a short period. The wide aluminium frames used for hinged doors mean that they are incredibly hardy, and alongside corrosion-resistant hinges, this makes these doors one of the most durable options available against the unpredictable Gold Coast weather.


Hinged doors extend any space within moments, with a door that is lightweight and simple to open. You are in control of light and airflow as they are able to be kept open or covered, offering an almost unobstructed view of the outdoors that makes any room feel natural and bigger. They are ideal for repetitive use.

Features and Benefits

  • Accommodates 35mm to 41mm timber doors with plumb and level jambs with sills, every time
  • Features snap-on door stops – Ideal for concealing fixings
  • In-swing or out-swing door frames available
  • 125mm wide frame for high strength with no bowing or warping often seen in conventional timber surrounds
  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant hinges and full range of hardware options for aluminium door providing low maintenance and high durability
  • Safety and insect screens can be easily attached to the outside
  • Semi-concealed drainage system
  • Powder coated aluminium frames for strength and durability
  • Tested to Australian Standards
  • 7 Year Warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can hinged doors be used?

Hinged doors are incredibly popular because there is no limit on where they can be implemented within a home. Just some examples include:

  • Patio access
  • Balcony access
  • Decks
  • Gardens
  • Courtyards
  • Interior doorways

Our team will be happy to talk to you about your needs and how a hinged door can maximise the space in your home.

Do hinged doors require lots of maintenance?

Hinged doors can get rusty or stiff depending on how they are constructed and the conditions they endure, needing regular lubricating or fixing due to the nature of their moving parts. However, our hinged aluminium doors use only the best corrosion-resistant hinges that are designed to avoid these problems, ensuring low maintenance costs for you. All of our products come with a 7-year warranty so should you encounter any issues, we can rectify these for you as soon as possible.

Are hinged doors secure?

Although their use of large windows can offer significant visibility into your home, hinged doors can easily be protected with blinds or curtains to prevent this. This common design benefits from a range of well-developed lock systems that can be easily installed by our experts to keep you secure.