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Awning Windows

Awning Windows add a different look to your home. Attractive and functional they are fast becoming popular.
They can stand alone, stack vertically or be combined horizontally. Full joint sealing provides weather proofing. Optional lockable gear winder prevents window closing in high winds whilst offering added security.

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What Are Awning Windows?

Almost everyone is familiar with sliding and double-hung windows since they are common in houses and apartments. Despite their benefits, awning windows aren’t as well known and are often overlooked by homeowners.

Many people are familiar with awnings placed over windows, but these are not the same thing as dedicated awning windows. Those kinds of awnings are designed to give you shade and protect you from the elements.

As opposed to double-hung windows that simply push up inside the window casing, awning windows are installed windows that are hinged from the top and open horizontally.

Typically, awning windows can be opened and closed by simply turning the standard folding crank handle or, in some cases, by using a sliding handle. When the opening space is longer in width than in height, awning windows offer a better ventilation solution than sliding or hung windows.

In addition to adding value to a home, awning windows add style and charm. Awning windows add a contemporary flair to a home while also helping to keep it comfortable and cool.

Why Are Our Awning Windows Better?

It is more complex and stressful to replace or install awning windows compared with other varieties of windows. These types of windows are becoming increasingly popular. Since awning windows can differ, it is advisable to leave it to a professional when it comes to selecting options and frames as well as the final installation.

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Awning Windows FAQ

What are the advantages of an awning window?

Having the top open creates an awning effect (hence the name) and provides protection from the elements along with the convenience of ventilation. You can enjoy fresh air even when the weather is bad since they allow little to no water to leak when open.

What are the uses of awning windows?

An awning window and a casement window open fully outwards, providing maximum light and ventilation. They are an excellent choice for areas that need ventilation, such as in a bathroom or a kitchen. They are also commonly used in living rooms with unimpeded views.

Is it energy-efficient to use an awning window?

Modern homes are increasingly incorporating awning windows because of their distinct style and minimalist design. In addition, these windows are also very energy efficient. With their layout and placement, awning windows definitely define the style of a home when they are visible from the exterior.

How are awning windows different to casement windows?

Much like casement windows, awnings open outward. While casement windows open with a side hinge, awning windows open from the top instead. In comparison with other styles of windows, awnings have many advantages, including better ventilation and design flexibility. An awning window has a top opening that creates an awning effect and provides protection from the elements while still providing ventilation.