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Louvre Windows Gold Coast

As a classic design, louvre windows are ideal for ventilation and improving climate control in your home. By changing the pitch, the air is able to be varied with complete control and energy efficiency. Louvre windows are ideal for use with French doors or fixed light windows.

These windows are made from top-quality materials, consisting of a heavy-duty frame that won’t bend or get stuck. Their continuous joint sealing maximises their weather-proofing performance all year round and they’re available in a variety of colours to suit your home décor—all powder coated for better durability.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully adjustable galleries for controlled ventilation and improved climate control
  • Blades available in glass, wood or aluminium
  • 125mm wide, high strength frame that will not bow or stick as compared to conventional timber surrounds
  • Can be fixed to French / hinged door of fixed side and high lights
  • Integrated screening available
  • Continuous joint sealing maximises weather proofing performance
  • Powder coated aluminium frames for strength and durability
  • Tested to Australian Standards
  • 7 Year Warranty

Reduce Energy Consumption

Your home’s energy consumption can be reduced with louvred windows. These windows are a good replacement for exhaust fans in many parts of the house. In fact, these can also be used in bathrooms and spa areas as they prevent moisture from building up since they let steam escape easily.

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Where can they be used?

White Wooden shutters

Louvre windows are a great feature for any part of your home. However, due to their increased ventilation propensities, they are a particularly good addition to kitchens. This is because they allow fresh air to filter through the room and carry away any cooking smells. We all know how easy it is to work up a sweat in the kitchen, especially when prepping for guests. Well, louvre windows can contribute to a better working environment by dehumidifying kitchens when cooking and providing a continuous stream of fresh oxygen to enhance your mood. Who would have thought a kitchen window could have so much to offer?

You may also want to consider adding louvre windows into a part of your home that lacks light. Our bespoke design process means that we can adjust them to the layout of your darkened room and place them in an area where natural light can take over. Alternatively, is your room too bright? Consider louvre windows with tinted glass. That way you can enjoy the benefits of the Gold Coast sunshine, manipulate it through changing the blade direction, or completely block it out when you want!

Why Louvre windows are ideal for residential homes on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast experiences 245 days of sunny weather approximately every year. Whilst we’re incredibly lucky in some respects, the heat can be exhausting, especially between May and October! However, louvre windows allow you to have some control over the temperature of your home. They make maximum usage of cross-ventilation and harness natural light without filtering in sunshine or moisture.

In Australia, we are always looking for ways to channel our weather into more sustainable energy and resources. By opting for louvre windows, you are increasing your ecological footprint by using natural resources for temperature control. Louvre windows can replace the use of air conditioners in homes and, in doing so, are efficient in many ways. As well as being energy efficient, they are also cost-efficient and allow you to save yearly on energy bills upon installation. Take control of all the sunny weather the Gold Coast has to offer and save with natural resources!

What are the constituent parts of louvre windows?

Our specialists can focus on design and customer vision when it comes to implementing louvre windows. Why? Because everything that matters is already built into the structure of the windows. For example:

  • Weather-resistant blades: At Southern Cross Windows, we provide a wide range of blades in different materials. Whatever option you choose, all blades provide the ultimate protection when interlocked as well as maximum airflow upon opening. They are the main feature of louvre windows and make installation easy.
  • Customisable options: The opportunities are endless when it comes to louvre windows. Their mechanised design means that we can spend more time on making sure that our customers have a variety of colours and styles available to choose from.