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Aluminium Sliding Doors Gold Coast

We manufacture Sliding aluminium doors to suit your home and your requirements. Southern Cross can supply and deliver your aluminium sliding windows or we can have one of our highly skilled tradesperson install your glass door. We do it all!

Streamlined design provides modern, flexible style

Rounded edging prevents snagging of curtains and clothes

Precision Euro track roller system for easy to operate, smooth sliding action

We have a large range of options that can suit your home; we will help you find the best solution to suit your home and budget

Gold Coast Sliding Doors Features and Benefits

Essential – Domestic Environments

  • Modern design suited for architecturally creative projects
  • Clean finish and appearance with concealed fixings
  • Stylish handles fitted with mortice locks for superior security
  • Conveniently located key cylinders for easier operation
  • High quality seals for improved weather proofing performance
  • Compatible with most cladding systems
  • Tested to Australian standards
  • Low profile sill option for minimal hindrance to wheeled or foot traffic
  • Integrated insect, safety and security screen options available

Signature – Specialised Environments

  • Modern design suited for architecturally creative projects
  • Refreshing lifestyle options like corner and cavity configurations available
  • Clean finish and appearance with concealed fixings
  • Stylish handles fitted with mortice locks for superior security
  • Conveniently located key cylinders for easier operation
  • Enhanced acoustic and thermal performance
  • Santoprene seals for improved UV stability and better weather resistance
  • Compatible with most cladding system
  • Tested to Australian standards
  • Low profile sill option for minimal hindrance to wheeled or foot traffic
  • Integrated insect, safety and security screen options available


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Why choose aluminium sliding doors?

If you’re considering investing sliding doors for your property, it’s worth taking a closer look at aluminium sliding doors. Lightweight, practical and stylish, these modern doors are the perfect addition to homes on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re starting fresh with a modern renovation or looking to replace existing sliding doors, aluminium offers style and flexibility to suit any number of homes and interior designs.

Practical for everyday use

With a low profile, plenty of light and an understated design, aluminium sliding doors are effortlessly practical. They provide the ideal way to blend indoors with outdoors, allowing you to open your spaces in seconds and extend your home outdoors. If you’re looking for a simple, practical option for glass sliding doors on your property, then aluminium sliding doors should top the list. Easy to use, practical for day-to-day access and endlessly functional – the ideal fit for any Australian home.

Functional and attractive

Not only are aluminium sliding doors practical, but they’re also attractive in a range of settings. Seamlessly blending into ultra-modern, minimalist surroundings, our doors suit a range of styles and purposes. By providing added light and space, aluminium doors allow the rest of your décor to speak for itself. Stylish without being overpowering, these doors make the perfect backdrop to nature, allowing your patio, deck or garden to connect with your home interior through glass panelling and minimalist design features.

Affordable, high-quality design

If you’re considering the best doors to use for your property, the affordable nature of aluminium sliding doors will be appealing, especially in comparison to ornate French doors. The ideal choice for both modern and everyday homes, aluminium sliding doors offer the finishing touch to any space. For families with children and pets, the hard-wearing and snag-free nature of our doors makes them suitable for any growing family, with full weather protection to keep your home safe and sound whatever the season.

Where can aluminium doors be used?

Aluminium sliding doors are ideal for bringing the outdoors in, connecting living spaces with natural spaces outside your home. Our streamlined, high-quality designs are ideally suited for a range of purposes, including:

• Decks

• Patios

• Pool access

• Garden access

• Outdoor dining spaces

• Courtyards

Our sliding doors can also be used for interior projects, providing an easy way to separate and open up spaces as and when needed. If you’re interested in using aluminium sliding doors inside or on the exterior of your home, get in touch with our team today. We’d be happy to talk through your plans with you and find a solution that you’ll love.

High-quality aluminium sliding doors from Southern Cross

Why choose Southern Cross? With experience and a reputation as one of the best windows and doors companies on the Gold Coast, we’re the ideal choice for installing sliding doors. Our friendly and professional team can help find doors that work best for your needs, considering your specifications to create entirely custom aluminium doors for your home. Get in touch with our team today to get started.


How long do aluminium doors last?

On average, most aluminium doors have a life expectancy of around 45 years. This makes them some of the longest-lasting doors on the market, beating popular alternatives like uPVC, which last between 25-35 years on average. However, the life expectancy of any door does, of course, depend on how well it’s looked after and any repairs that are needed. Keeping an eye out for issues and doing any essential maintenance as they arise will reduce the likeliness of a full replacement being required, protecting your investment in the long term.

How do I know my sliding doors need repairing?

There are numerous signs that suggest your sliding doors need repairing, including:

  • Loud noises when you move the handle – if you hear scrunching or grinding when you operate the handle, it’s most likely damaged.
  • Stiffness when opening and closing the doors – if you notice you’re having to apply force to open or close the doors, this could be an indication of a problem with the rollers or frame.
  • Cold or warm drafts – if you feel cold or hot drafts entering your home through your sliding doors, there may be a problem with the seal, which will need replacing. Loose seals not only affect the temperature inside your home, but they also allow pests and bugs to enter your property, so you need to get them repaired as soon as possible.

If the damage to your existing sliding doors is quite extensive, it may be time to consider replacing them with aluminium ones instead.

Why should I get my aluminium sliding doors installed professionally?

There are many advantages to having your sliding doors installed by a professional, including the fact that the installation will be quicker because they know what they’re doing. Installing sliding doors is not a straightforward task, and if it takes you a period of days, you’re leaving your home open to the elements as well as intruders.

However, perhaps the main consideration here is safety. Sliding doors tend to contain large panels of glass, and if these aren’t handled safely, they can pose serious health risks. Moreover, you’ll need a wide range of tools to complete the installation yourself, including hammers, nails, and drills, which are not only dangerous but can be expensive to buy.

How much do aluminium sliding doors cost?

The cost of your aluminium sliding doors will largely depend on the design you choose.

In terms of the installation, what you pay will depend on your location and the amount of time needed for the project.  You’re always better off paying a professional to install the doors for you as this will ensure they’re secure and work correctly.