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5 Tips for Cleaning Shower Screens

There’s nothing more relaxing than stepping into a steamy shower and washing away your stress. But when you look over and see cloudy soap scum on your shower screens, that’s bound to put you in a bad mood. Shower screens are also notoriously tricky to clean and keep clean. We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for cleaning your shower screens. Whether you’re a cleaning guru or a novice, you’re sure to learn something.

1. Use Super Fine Stainless Steel Wool & Eucalyptus Oil

Regular stainless steel might cause tiny scratches on glass which will ultimately make the glass less shiny, as well as allowing more soap scum to build up. Using a super fine (grade 0000) stainless steel wool will scrub away soap scum quickly and easily without scratching.

2. Eucalyptus Oil to Cut through Soap Scum

If the soap scum has been there for a long time and is too adhered to be removed by stainless steel alone, then applying some eucalyptus oil to the glass will help to break the scum down and made removing it easier. It also has a pleasant smell, which can be a great benefit. It’s an essential oil, so poses little threat from toxic chemicals and is safe to be washed away.

3. Sprays or Wraps to Repel Moisture

There are commercial sprays available that can repel water from your shower door, keeping mould, soap scum and hard water stains away with it. There are also wraps that can be applied to the surface of the glass to keep water off of it. Some reports are that the sprays can be time-consuming and tricky to apply, but considering it can stop you from needing to clean the shower door for 6 months(!), it seems worthwhile.

4. Use a Razor Blade (Carefully!)

If your buildup is very thick and hard to remove, then there’s no need to keep scrubbing and scrubbing. You can invest in a tool that holds a razor blade at the correct angle and then carefully scrape the scum off without damaging the glass. This can be a bit dangerous if not done correctly, but if you’re careful the results are amazing and easy.


Prevention is always better than cure. If you’re tired of cleaning all the time, and you can get everyone in your household on board, then there are ways to stop the grime in its’ tracks. The first step is to use a squeegee to remove as much water as possible from the glass and taking any soap or minerals with it. Afterwards, applying a spray of alcohol, tea tree oil and water to the glass’ surface will further dry and clean the glass, with an added deodorising effect.

For more tips and tricks, Southern Cross Windows is here for all your glass and window needs. Keep your shower clean and step in, stress-free.

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Best types of security screens - Southern Cross Windows

Best Types Of Security Screens

Choosing the best security screens for your home is an important job. Ideally, you want to choose screens that protect your home and your family and are designed and made of top-quality materials. This is easier said than done, especially when there are so many choices on the market.

If you’re having difficulty sorting through all your options, let us break it down for you. Take a look at the top 2 security screens on the market below and why we think they’re the best.

Read on to find out more.

What Are Security Screens?

Security screens or safety screens are special screens that are placed over the entry and exit points of your home such as your doors and windows. They are designed to help prevent break-ins or forced entry into your home while also helping to maintain good airflow through your home and ventilation.

They’re the perfect option for the homeowners who are security conscious but also want to have the luxury to leave their windows or doors open for some fresh air.

1. Aluminium Framed Security Screens

Aluminium isn’t as fragile as many people initially think it is. Aluminium has come a long way in recent years with many of the best security doors featuring a special heavy-duty aluminium alloy that is the perfect material to provide your home with plenty of extra security.

Often, this extra strong heavy-duty alloy is up to six times stronger than standard steel and is long-lasting, which makes it a great investment that will last well into the future.

Aluminium framed security screens are generally customisable to your home and needs, so you can ensure you get security screens that are exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Stainless Steel Mesh Security Screens

Stainless steel mesh security screens are the perfect option for homeowners who want to enjoy the outside breeze coming into their home while not having their view entirely obscured. Stainless steel mesh security screens feature mesh that is highly resistant to forced entry, while also preventing bugs and insects from entering your home.

Stainless steel is rust-resistant and incredibly strong, so you can be sure that your investment will keep your home safe for many years to come.

Again, stainless steel security screens can be tailored to your home and needs, all you need to do is provide us with some precise measurements and we’ll create a screen that’s the perfect fit.

Are You Planning On Installing Security Screens In Your Home?

If you’re planning on installing security screens in your home, you’re making a great choice.

Security screens are tough, resilient, and long-lasting, making them a fantastic way to help deter would-be criminals from targeting your home. Whether you opt for stainless steel mesh security screens or aluminium framed screens, they’re sure to help keep your home safe.

If you need assistance with security screens, or you’re ready to install yours, get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Choosing the Right Doors for Your Gold Coast Home

The doors on your home are pretty important. Not only do they add to the visual appeal of your house, but they also protect your family and your home. So, if you’re considering new doors on the Gold Coast, you want to be sure to take the time to choose the right ones. Here at Southern Cross Glass Windows and Doors, we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of doors for you to choose from and here’s how to find the right ones for your needs.

Types of Doors

Before you can choose the right doors for your house, it pays to learn a little more about your options. We have a wide range of choices that should make it easy to find the ideal solution for your needs. We have bi-fold doors, sliding doors, stacker doors and hinged doors. We also offer screens and shower screens to meet your needs.

Clearance Space

One of the most important things to consider when choosing exterior doors is how much clearance you have for them to open. A hinged door may need more space to open all the way, while a sliding door won’t need as much. Take careful measurements and decide if you want a door that opens in and out on a hinge or if you want a door that takes up less space and slides side to side.


When you choose doors that are exposed to the weather and the elements, you want to be sure it’s made from sturdy and durable materials. Each of our doors is constructed of high quality aluminium materials and are made right here in Australia. They can withstand wind, sun, heat, and rain, keeping your home and your family safe inside the house, no matter what’s happening outside.


Of course, you want your new doors to look great, so paying attention to looks is also important. Our doors lend a modern and clean touch to your house without sacrificing function and ease of use. The materials we use can be melded with the exterior look of just about any home, making it easy to add them to your house. If you don’t like the current look of your doors, any of ours will boost the visual appeal of your home and even raise the value at the same time.

Ready to explore the options for your new doors in the Gold Coast area? It’s time to call Southern Cross Glass Windows and Doors for a free quote.

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How Sliding Doors Can Open Up Your Gold Coast Home

For those of us who only have a finite amount of home and property space with which to work, finding tips and tricks to make a living environment feel bigger and more open is absolutely priceless. Here at Southern Cross Windows we happen to think that one of the absolute best ways of creating more space and air in your home is by taking advantage of sliding doors. 

If you haven’t considered this feature for your home before, allow us to talk you through a few of the reasons why we think it is a great decision to make. Without further ado, here are some of the biggest benefits of having sliding doors on the Gold Coast.

Extra Space

Being able to slide your doors back to really connect your outdoor space with your indoor space can have a massive impact on the illusion of space. You can effectively turn a small living room into an airy, open space that leads straight into your garden, which is the desired vibe that many people are seeking!

Natural Light

A big factor in achieving this airy feel is the addition of extra natural light that you can achieve with sliding doors. Floor to ceiling windows will allow for greater amounts of light to pour into your home, and this extra light will also have the effect of making any room look much larger and more inviting.

Space Saving

Sliding doors also take up far less space when they are in an open state, which helps to utilise the room that you have both indoors and outdoors. When a normal door is open, you have to accommodate for the swinging of the door, but with a slider, that factor is completely eliminated. Sliding doors take up exactly the same amount of space when they are open as when they are shut, and this is a huge benefit for rooms that have small space to work with in the first place.

So, if you are interested in the prospect of sliding doors on the Gold Coast for your own home, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Southern Cross Windows. There will always be a member of the trained and experienced team on hand to be able to answer any important questions that you might have. We very much look forward to being able to improve the quality and aesthetic of your home environment!


Security Screen

Enhance Your Home with Window And Door Replacement

One of the key elements of a full scale home renovation project is without a doubt the replacement of old windows and doors.

If you live in an old property that still has some of its original fittings and fixtures, then your doors and windows are most definitely due for an upgrade.

When undertaking such a task, there are numerous things to consider both on the side of practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Here at Southern Cross Windows, we are committed to achieving the best for our clients in both aspects.

Here are some of the most important considerations about window and door replacement in your home. 

  • Make sure to research the quality of the products that you are planning on buying. The goal is to replace your windows and doors just the once, never having to go through the process again because you got it so right the first time around!


  • Don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturers tough questions about their process and their quality guarantees and warranties. Most reputable suppliers are happy to share information about what makes their products stand out.


  • For the most part, it is generally a good idea to opt for a supplier that is well established in the windows and doors industry. When considering such a potentially costly investment, you don’t want to be taking risks on names and companies that don’t have a long standing presence.


  • Check which suppliers are members of quality seal schemes. These types of companies are always the easiest to deal with should you ever need to have a problem with your windows and doors addressed.


  • With that last point in mind, it is also important to consider what kind of after sales service the supplier offers to customers. The longer you can have a guarantee and promise of post installation care, the better set up you will be to have a good future with your new windows and doors.

So, if you are in need of window and door replacement for your home at some point in the near future, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a full and thorough service.

There will always be a member of the trained and experienced team on hand to answer any questions that you might have regarding your needs and preferences.

We can guarantee that we have options to suit every single customer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Awning Windows

What Makes Aluminium A Great Material for Windows and Doors?

Aluminium is one of the most widely available metals on the planet. It is therefore no surprise that it is used in everything from cars to swimming pool fences, and particularly, to create aluminium frames for windows and doors. At Southern Cross Windows, we can tell you exactly why so many people choose this material for their home.


One reason why this is so popular is that, when combined with alloys, it is extremely strong and are able to withstand temperature changes and the weight pressure of the rest of the building. Southern Cross Windows can help you to find the ideal aluminium frame for our glass products.


Despite being so strong, aluminium frames are typically very light. This means that it is more commercially viable and important structurally. For example, when you need aluminium frames to fit into a curtain wall, you need something that doesn’t weigh very much.


Unlike other types of metal, aluminium can be easily and quickly moulded into frames. The profiles are made using a die extrusion process, and these are then fitted together to create the frame. This allows for more adaptability, more intricate frame designs, and will not fall apart when made into a particularly difficult shape.

Fracture resistant

If you have a lot of curved spaces that need filling with window and door frames, Aluminium is the best metal to choose. It can be pressed into a variety of shapes without risk of cracking or breaking, meaning that you have a strong frame for all of Southern Cross Window’s products.

Avoids corrosion

Most metals have problems with corrosion, and Aluminium is the best choice in this regard. A layer of aluminium oxide will form across the surface of the metal, protecting it from corrosion including rust, water stains and cleaning product damage. This resistant also makes it less likely to split, crack or swell due to corrosion.

Easy to decorate

To give your windows a luxury finish, you can paint the surface of aluminium doors and windows. Powder coating gives the surface a bright, shiny look that can match your interior design.

Widely available

If you want the best from your windows and doors, then Southern Cross Windows can provide you with a variety of aluminium products to suit your needs. To find out more about our aluminium windows and doors, contact us now through our online message form, or call 07-5534-3300 today.

For more great news and advice about windows and doors, read our previous blog: 5 Ways Aluminium Windows and Doors Can Improve Your Home.

Open white frame aluminium bi-fold windows in a kitchen

5 Ways Aluminium Windows and Doors Can Improve Your Home

Are you looking to build a new home or renovate your existing one? If so, aluminium windows and doors are the way to go. Designed with timeless style and functionality in mind, aluminium is cheaper than timber and perfectly suited to handle the harsh Gold Coast sun and storms. If you want a low-cost, highly durable solution to your security needs, these are the perfect choice for any home. Talk to the team at Southern Cross Glass Windows & Doors today!



Making your home weather-proof isn’t just about protecting yourself, your family and your belongings—it’s also about increasing the value of your property. Aluminium windows and doors are resistant to the elements and do not rust or corrode. This is especially useful for homes that are near the ocean. By making sure your property is protected against high winds, moisture, sun and sand, you are investing in the future of your home and creating a sanctuary that is bound to turn heads.



Aluminium has a relatively low cost when compared with timber. Not only on account of cheaper upfront payments, but also lower associated costs with maintenance and repairs. Aluminium windows and doors provide a hassle-free maintenance and cleaning experience, giving you more time to focus on looking after other aspects of your home. With a huge range of customisable options, it’s never been easier to find a low-cost way to personalise your property.



Don’t put up with high energy costs this summer. Aluminium windows and doors offer thermal insulation properties to keep your home comfortable all year round! When you enlist the support of Southern Cross, we ensure your home is sealed against the elements, helping you find the right glass options to make your property as energy-efficient as possible. Talk to us about the range of solutions we have on offer.


We provide a wide range of options to customise your home with stylish, functional and affordable windows and doors. Available in sliding, bi-fold, stacker, hinged, double hung, casement, awning and louvre options, there’s simply no end to the ways you can personalise your property and express yourself. Aluminium windows and doors give you the freedom to modernise your home without racking up an expensive renovation or construction bill.



By far the biggest benefit of aluminium windows and doors is that they are simple to install and easy to maintain. All you have to do is give them a quick scrub with warm soapy water and they’re looking great! Typically, a bi-annual cleaning is all that’s required to keep the aluminium smooth, sleek and free of dirt and grime.


If you need aluminium windows and doors installed at your home on the Gold Coast, contact Southern Cross Glass Windows & Doors today. Our team is passionate about what we do, providing services as far south as Byron and as far north as Redcliffe. Call our team on 07 5534 3300.


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Beautiful Beachside Bi Fold Doors

If you are one of many people along any of our coasts who get to live right by the beach, then there is no arguing that you should be designing and improving your home to maximise the beautiful scenery and landscape that is right on your doorstep!

When you live so close to the ocean, you want to be getting as much of that natural wonder in your home as possible, and we at Southern Cross Windows firmly believe that we have the right solution for this.

We’re talking, of course, about bi fold doors!

Let’s take a look at why they are so perfect for beachside homes.

Bi fold doors have the ability to maximise all of that natural light that surrounds your home.

Properties by the sea get to experience some of the best sunny days and bi fold doors can help to bring that sunlight right inside.

The nature of bi fold doors means that they are easily slid away to create a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors and vice versa.

When you have the natural beauty of the beach to enjoy from the comfort of your own backyard, you might as well maximize that effect as much as possible.

There is a great deal of easy access to be gained from bi fold doors, which is perfect for when you are entertaining outdoors and want to create an open pathway between, say, the kitchen and the garden area.

This can be beneficial if you are barbecuing and want to go back forth a lot.

Even with all of these great benefits, something that clinches it for many people is that bi fold doors are really easy to care for and maintain.

They don’t require much elbow grease to stay in shape, and the cleaning side of things is reminiscent of any window in your home.

So, if you live near the ocean and those benefits sound like something that you want to incorporate in to your own home, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to explore what kind of bi fold doors we can install for you.

If you’re living with an ocean view but have yet to feel the benefit of bi fold doors, then you simply aren’t getting the full value experience out of your home!

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Security For Aluminium Windows And Doors

Perhaps you’re considering aluminium windows and doors for your Gold Coast property? You’ll find plenty of useful information on our website. If you have them already installed, congratulations! These are doors and windows designed to last you for many years to come.

But you do need to make sure these windows and doors are properly secured. 

Security is an issue in almost all areas of the Coast, as it as almost everywhere these days. Your property is most likely no exception.

As one of the leading suppliers of aluminium windows and doors on the Gold Coast, Southern Cross Glass Windows and Doors has some advice to share that should bring you some long-lasting peace of mind.

Security window and door screens

Security screens are a great choice. They are good value, as you’ll read about shortly. When you get them through us, we customise them to fit your windows and doors exactly.

Our security screens are designed to make the most of your views and doors, while making sure that security remains the priority. They’re also designed to blend and not detract from your home’s exterior appearance.

Which security screens work best?

We recommend SecureView screens. They use stainless steel mesh—T316 marine grade. No compromises here.

You get the highest protection from the elements as well as from unwelcome intruders. These are products that blitz the rigorous Australian Standards tests for security screens.

The closer weave mesh keeps the bugs out and, along with their anti-corrosive construction, which is ideal for Gold Coast conditions, they are also fire rated for bushfire areas.

They are also stylish and each screen is custom-created to suit your preferences and specifications.

Once fitted, our screens stay put and will never let you down. They’re ideal for aluminium windows and doors in both residential and commercial properties.

Other benefits

Our security window and door screens were manufactured with the prime purpose of keeping you and your loved ones safe. And they do this better than competing products.

But while you’re all safely relaxing indoors, they also provide an impenetrable barrier against mosquitoes and the like. Unlike regular flyscreens, however, your pets won’t put holes in these screens. And your neighbour’s cricket ball won’t put a hole in your window either.

The other cool thing about our security screens is that you can enjoy the benefit of free air flow throughout your home. No longer will you need to shut out the welcome relief available from a cooling breeze simply because you’re worried about intruders.

Call Southern Cross Glass Windows and Doors today for a quote on security windows and doors.

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Aluminium sliding doors Gold Coast

The Benefits of Installing Sliding Doors

If you are looking to renovate or extend your home or workplace one of your main considerations is likely to be the doors you install. While the main function of a door is to provide both access and security, if a door can also improve light, air circulation and the aesthetics of a building, all the better!

Sliding doors are becoming ever more popular for both domestic and commercial environments and here at Southern Cross Glass Windows & Doors we offer a fantastic range of sliding doors Gold Coast residents and businesses trust.

Why Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors offer the ability to adjust the ambience of your property. You’ll be able to simply slide the doors open to bring some of the outside in. And if you’re relaxing or entertaining on your deck, the impression is reversed, with open access to your property’s interior spaces.

They can be opened up in your home to a patio or conservatory area or used internally to separate rooms in terms of noise reduction whilst still maintaining light and vision and the option to open up into one large room again.

Sliding doors can also be used in places of work so employees can work in separate rooms but still have visual contact with what each other are doing.

The Benefits

There are unlimited benefits to investing in sliding doors on the Gold Coast, which include:

  • Modern Clean Lines and Stylish Design
  • Fixings are concealed making them more pleasing to the eye
  • Perfect for the security conscious with modern design handles fitted with mortice locks
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
  • Superior weather proofing due to superior quality seals
  • Approved to the highest Australian quality and security standards
  • Perfect access for both people and wheeled objects with low profile sill
  • Can be designed to specific shapes and requirements
  • Can be fitted with insect screen or security and safety screens for extra peace of mind
  • Cladding system compatible

Whether you are choosing sliding doors for your home or business, you will not be disappointed with what is available at Southern Cross Glass Windows & Doors. You’ll be pleased with our high-quality standards. All our products and services are among the best the industry has to offer and the team of professionals who will supply and fit your sliding doors have expertise that is second to none.

We have built a reputation on the Gold Coast for excellence as standard which is reflected in our many repeat resident and business customers over the years.

Get Expert Advice

We can certainly help you pick the right stylish and secure sliding doors for your home or place of work. Along with choosing from a stunning selection of sliding doors, you’ll get the benefits of talking to our experienced and professional consultants.

For sliding doors Gold Coast homeowners and businesses love, get in touch with us at Southern Cross Glass Windows & Doors. Call now on: 07 5534 3300 or send us a message using our easy contact form.

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