Choosing bi-fold doors and windows for your balcony

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Aluminium Windows and Doors for Gold Coast Balconies

Whether your apartment or multi story house has a balcony, veranda, patio or terrace, you can easily enhance your stunning Gold Coast views without the need for a full renovation. Increase the amount of light entering your home and easily move between your indoor and outdoor space by installing bi-fold glass doors and windows. But what style should you choose to enhance your space, and should you choose windows, doors or both? It all depends on whether you have a large or small space to work with, so here’s our top tips for Gold Coast balconies.

Doors For Balconies

Bi-fold doors

Best for larger balconies, patios and verandas, bi-fold doors easily fold back into a discreet stack, leaving an opening that is unobstructed by frames. This means a bi-fold door can provide excellent ventilation and the flexibility to turn your entire balcony into a doorway to the outdoors with just a simple push. The main consideration here is to ensure that the doors are configured and installed in such a way that they fold away safely and efficiently within your space.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are one of the most popular design options for a large or small balcony, as they can be easily adjusted to suit your specific individual access or entertaining requirements. Unlike bi-fold doors, sliding doors won’t swing open and impede on your precious outdoor space. Sliding doors have the flexibility to be configured in such a way as to create a doorway for the entire opening of the balcony on their own, letting you create an expansive indoor/outdoor entertainment area by simply sliding the doors across.

Windows For Balconies

Sliding windows

A space-efficient and convenient window style that’s great for both small and larger outdoor areas, sliding windows can be combined with a fixed panel of glass underneath to create the idea of a wall of glass. Sliding windows can also be installed with fly screens, providing the option of leaving the windows open for extra ventilation without letting all the bugs inside.

Louvre windows

Louvre windows are also a great option for larger balconies, offering the ultimate in uninterrupted views and ventilation. Suitable for small balconies, multiple sections of Louvre windows can be placed side-by-side and spanning from ceiling to floor, their tilt-adjustable blades allowing you to control the flow of air from the balcony throughout your living space.

Combining Doors and Windows

For stunning floor to ceiling glass in between your balcony and living space, combine your bi-fold doors or sliding doors with adjacent windows. This minimalist approach allows your view to take centre stage and make a living area feel bigger overall. When choosing doors and windows, ensure they sit flush with the wall when open, to avoid injuries and taking up unnecessary space you could otherwise utilise for outdoor furniture or plants.

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