Stacker Doors for Versatility and Style

stacker doors

Stacker Doors

When you start a home renovation, the first thing to think about is how your house can reflect your personal style. One great way to make an easy change in your home is to come up with creative ways to use stacker doors. Stacker doors are very similar to sliding doors. They involve two panels that slide behind one fixed panel, each panel connecting with the next until they interlock and slide together. They are usually made of glass with an aluminium frame to add strength and stability. The end result is a clean, streamlined finish that can be used to efficiently modernise your home in a variety of ways.

The Aesthetic Appeal

Stacker doors allow for you to create very large and wide openings in your home. The glass complements this making the doors appear even more spacious, modern and clear in appearance. When the doors are open, they stack neatly upon themselves, giving the illusion that they are hidden and the opening is available for free use.

A Versatile Addition To Your Home

Stacker doors have a variety of uses in your home or in other applications. View some of our suggestions for uses below:

The Classic: Use as a Back or Front Door

You will often see these doors used as openings to and from a home, usually as a back or front door. If you live somewhere on the Gold Coast with great views of the countryside or the beach, you might want to consider stacker doors. They allow for uninterrupted access to the full visual clarity of your surroundings. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for your view either. They can be open to let in the sun and ventilation in the summer and tightly closed in the winter.

Most stacker doors also come with mortice locks so you don’t have to worry about your stylish opening being unsafe or unsecure. So enjoy the view of your lovely backyard and have peace of mind that you can keep an eye on children or pets playing outside with these versatile sliding doors.

The Garden Entrance: Use as a Side Door

Have a nice space off the side of your house, like a garden or a veggie patch? It makes it all the more convenient for you to be able to access it easily with stacker doors. In fact, you can find all new uses for the side yard of your house with the option of versatile doors. Maybe even create a fenced-in play space for children or pets, with the added benefit of easy access and crystal clear views.

The Patio Connector: Use on the Patio

If you’re the type who loves alfresco entertaining, you might want to consider investing in a lovely veranda, pergola or patio with sheltering. You can have the benefits of enjoying eating and entertaining outside without any of the disadvantages of the elements, such as rain or insects. Our versatile stacker doors could separate your patio from the outside world, and with smooth operating and tight seals, you’ll never have to worry about anything you’d rather keep out getting in.

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