How to make your kitchen look bigger

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the fun of current design trends or entertaining. There are many ways to update your kitchen and get it ready for summer entertaining without having to extend. With our simple renovation and stylish tips, you can flawlessly fake a larger kitchen to create the illusion of space when you don’t have the luxury of adding that real extra footage.

Let There Be Light

The first tip to creating the illusion of a larger room is to flood the space with light. Whether your kitchen is painted in pale or darker shades, having light beaming in will help it to feel as large as possible. To allow it as much light as possible from the sun, keep window treatments or dressing minimal or non-existent. Painting cabinets the same colour as the walls can also help to erase visual boundaries and ensures that the kitchen does not look overcrowded. Paint them white for best results, as the combination of this single hue and the natural light will make the room feel even larger.

kitchen windows

Open Up with Bi-Fold Windows

Function and attractive, bi-fold windows provide the best of both worlds for your home. Bi-fold windows can create a moving glass walls that literally opens up your home to the outside world. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air, natural light and beautiful views with no barriers in sight. Bi-fold windows are easy to open, even easier to clean and provide superior security for the home.

Double Up with Bi-fold Doors

Instantly increase the space of your kitchen by using bi-fold doors along an exterior wall. As with bi-fold windows windows, these will combine the indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces to create an expansive kitchen space, rather than 2 individual spaces. Not only do bi-fold doors add an abundance of natural light to the space, they create a great social, spacious entertainment area for the host or chef to enjoy those summer barbecues and Christmas gatherings while preparing food in the kitchen.

Smarter Storage

In order to make your kitchen appear larger, you need to include plenty of vertical storage space. This will allow things to be removed from the counters and stored out of sight to prevent the kitchen appearing visually cluttered and small. Increase available shelf space, overall kitchen space and add depth by building cabinets or shelving into the wall between studs. You can even enhance the perception of depth by painting the carved space a deeper shade of the wall.

If carving into the wall isn’t an option, replace existing cabinets with taller versions that reach the ceiling. This will subtly draw the eye upwards and make the overall room appear more spacious. You can also incorporate open or glass shelving into furnishings, which further reduce visual weight and lend to the illusion of a more expansive kitchen.

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