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Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminium Windows and Doors

We at Southern Cross Glass Windows and Doors would like to tell you why you should choose aluminium windows and doors for your home.

If you have bought a house, had one built or are doing up the one in which you live, you should consider this option.

Aluminium windows and doors can really set the tone of your residence. They are worthwhile installing if you are looking for a classy touch along with durability. We make them as customised items to your specifications and style, all up to Australian Standards.

Benefits of aluminium windows and doors

  • Although a lightweight material, aluminium is very tough and long-lasting. 
  • Because they are so long-lasting it is doubtful that you are ever going to change them. Aluminium windows and doors should stand the test of time and that makes them an exceptionally good investment.
  • They come in so many different styles. We have the styles to match any kind of residence. If you do not see anything you like on the market, they can be manufactured to your tastes. They will be unique to your home.
  • Aluminium does not rust or rot, so you only have to replace them because of an accident or choice. Our aluminium windows and doors are powder coated to protect them from the elements.
  • Windows and doors can be fitted with security screens before they are installed. The windows are fitted with locks for greater security. The zinc locks are another precaution against burglary. 
  • They are also easy to open and close, unlike wooden frames that can swell with heat or rain. 
  • Glass doors, as well as windows are sealed for extra weather proofing.
  • The windows come with better ventilation, so it is easier to control the inside temperature. This because our windows can be opened at the top and the bottom, to either increase or direct air flow. 
  • Our sliding, bi-fold, stacker, and hinged doors help baffle outside noise, cuts down on ultraviolet light penetration and thermal heat build-up. If you want sun filters and insect screens, there is no need for them to be separate. We can provide then as all-in-one solutions.

You Want New Windows and Doors?

At Southern Cross Glass Windows and Doors, we will not steer you wrong. Whatever your requirements for aluminium windows and doors we are sure that we can satisfy them. We design, manufacture, and install them. Come down to our showroom or call to book a consultation. We are sure you will not be disappointed.