What is the standard interior door size in Australia?

In Australia, the most common internal standard door for both panel and flush has a height of 2040mm, a width of 820mm with a thickness of 35mm.

Throughout your home, interior doors play a much more important role than you might realise. They not only provide privacy from the rest of your family when you’re in desperate need of alone time, but they also help to regulate temperature. However, doors can also be a stylish feature, and finishes in aluminium, glass, wood and many other materials reflect this. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at standard interior door sizes in Australia and what you need to consider.

Standard sizes for interior doors

Standard interior doors are at least 2040mm high, providing enough clearance for people as well as furniture and appliances. The width of standard doors is approximately 820mm, with a thickness of 35mm. However, there are variations of this, with most standard sizes ranging from 2040mm x 620 mm x 35mm to 2040mm x 920mm x 35mm. But what are the standard sizes of individual door types?

Panel doors: The most common choice of interior door, the standard size of panel doors is 2040mm high with a thickness of 40mm. Widths range from 620mm to 920 mm.

Flush doors: One of the most affordable interior door options available, the standard size of flush doors is 2040mm or 2340mm high with a thickness of 35mm. Widths range from 420mm to 1020mm.

Bifold doors: Great for saving space, the standard size of bifold doors is 2040mm high with a thickness of 35mm. However, standard widths vary based on the number of panels used. For example, a 2-panel bifold door has a standard width of 1800mm, while a 7-panel door has a width of 6065mm.

Glass doors: Although they are available in many different sizes, the standard height of glass doors is 2040mm. Widths range from 520mm to 870mm.

Why are standard door sizes popular?

Standard doors offer a number of benefits, including the fact they’re ready to use, cost-effective and available in a wide range of materials and styles. Unless you’re building your own home, then chances are your house already has standard doors installed, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to source replacements.

However, while the height of a standard door in Australia is 2040mm, a lot of newer homes are being built with taller ceilings, so it’s becoming increasingly more common for people to install 2340mm doors instead.

What about handles?

Regardless of the size of the door, the Australian Standard AS 1428.1 recommends that the handle height should be 900mm – 1100mm above the floor. For the average adult, this is around waist height. Today, only very old doors or doors installed for a special reason will not meet this recommendation.

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