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What are Standard-Sized Windows in Australia?

If you’re building a new home, buying a home, or considering replacing older windows with new windows, it’s important to understand what standard Australian window sizes are and why they’re important to window-makers, property developers, and homeowners. Opting for standard-sized windows can save you money and time, but it’s not always possible to choose windows in standard sizes depending on the property you’re working on and its dimensions. In this article, we’ll explore what standard window sizes are in Australia and why it’s often a good idea to use them.

What are standard window sizes in Australia?

There is no agreed national standard window size that is used across the whole of Australia; it’s more accurate to say that there are very common window sizes that many window manufacturers will use when making pre-made windows and fittings. Standard window fitting in Australia should be made to match brick openings, and the range of sizes standardly available will differ slightly between companies, as well as between window types.

For most window types, a wide range of sizes will be available, as standard, from most suppliers. For example, standard sizes of sliding windows range from 600×610 mm to 2100 x 2650 mm. Sliding windows at the outer edges of the range may be more difficult to find, but they should still be available in a premade build. Usually, opting for a standard size window over a custom size window, unless the build of your property necessitates a custom window, means changing the size of your window by mm while saving you hundreds of dollars.

Examples of other standard window size ranges include:

Within each range, buyers have multiple options for both width and height, resulting in many standard options for each type of window.

Why do standard window sizes exist?

It’s possible to build a home with any size openings for windows, and skilled window-makers will be able to craft windows to fit these spaces. However, there are lots of benefits to building or buying a home with standard size windows in place.

Reduction of cost

By opting for standard-size windows, window manufacturers, developers, and property owners can all save significant amounts of money. For manufacturers, using standard window sizes means it’s possible to buy materials in bulk, which reduces the cost of materials and cuts down on waste. For developers and homeowners, these savings are passed on in the price of pre-made windows, as well as in saved labour costs because standard-size windows are often easier to install.

Convenience and speed

Using standard sizes of windows is also more convenient and, as a result, faster. Homeowners looking for fast window replacement will be able to order new windows in standard sizes quickly, whereas custom-made windows can take weeks or months to be delivered. It’s also easier for installers to install standard-size windows because most windows installers will have worked with all of the standard window sizes common in Australia before.

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